Collage Monotypes

These are ONE OF A KIND original hand pressed painterly prints created in the process explained below.

Each of my monotypes has been crafted using collage elements prior, during or after the printing process. I print by hand using a plate glass surface for my mark making. My mediums include acrylic inks and paints, water-based printing inks, oil paint, Chinese ink and paint sticks.

My process is one of layering. I have created two printing beds. One that I use to maintain a register for 12 x 9 paper that gives me a consistent 8 x 6 printed surface. The other is a 17 x 14 bed that maintains a register for a 12 x 9 printed surface. I can emboss a crease along either paper that outlines the blank printing area. That way I can collage elements prior to printing and stay within the mark making area. It also allows for post printing addition of collage elements that can then be printed over in successive layers. But as they are monotypes I am only able to create one of each of these.

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