Larceny-Harsh Justice

While working with found objects, old magazines and historical data, I
created collages from the inspiration of Woman’s History Month. The center
theme surrounds images of woman who were convicted of larceny during
the 19th and early 20th century. The connection between the four boxes is
created using bits and pieces of photographs, news clippings, tape, ink and
paint. Recycled shipping boxes are used as the support for each separate
work. My art looks at Life Forms created by the human condition. Working
conditions, the lack of employment opportunities and the necessity of family
survival led many into the world of Larceny. Many of the punishments far
outweighed the degree of lawlessness. I have tried to include other
ephemera to create a sense of the time in these works.

This series was included in the 2019 Artfields exhibition

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