I look for an ease and harmony in my wire mesh sculpture, what Matisse called“arabesque”. The interaction of the piece with its environment, including in most, the cast shadow, allows me to capture the unique quality of the whole subject. The character of the steel mesh diffuses the importance of mass so that I can emphasis the inner muscular tension, sometimes through distortion.

By rejecting volume for a more kinetic rhythm I can explore what Naum Gabosearched for in the basic forms of our perceptions of real time. Even the most perceptually static of my pieces explores what Degas explored in painting, the problems of form and movement.

My use of recycled glass allows for the creation of a dynamic relationship between a rarely noticed common element in our life, glass, and the development of organic pieces of art. Each time I create a sculpture I reduce the size of the original ecological footprint. And by using the reclaimed material from a utilitarian object in my artwork, I am able to subtract it from the cycle of consumption that leads to a negative environmental equation. I believe my recycled glass sculptures add to the artistic sensibility of our lives without subtracting resources from the earth.

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