Collage / Monoprint

Monotypes – Combining Collage with the Painterly Print

Each of my monotypes has been crafted using collage elements before, during, or after printing. I print by hand using a plate glass surface for my mark-making. My mediums include acrylic inks and paints, water-based printing inks, oil paint, Chinese ink, and paint sticks.

My process is one of layering. I have created two printing beds. One that I use to maintain a register for 12 x 9 paper that gives me a consistent 8 x 6 printed surface. The other is a 17 x 14 bed that maintains a register for a 12 x 9 printed surface. I can emboss a crease along either paper that outlines the blank printing area. That way I can collage elements before printing and stay within the mark-making area. It also allows for post-printing additions of collage elements that can be printed in successive layers.

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