The SRMC Wall is now for real.

Information from OHC Art Guild and Roland Thurston

We need to thank a lot of people who made this historic event happen and to bring the Arts to the forefront for ALL of us to enjoy. Jim Seifert and Trina Wheeler were the Genesis behind it, with many who played a pivotal role in bringing all these ideas to fruition. Among these are Stephanie Smith, Wanda Morton, Gail Seifert, Barbara Lykens, Marilyn Bonacci, and many others. This will be a First Class operation and we need to do certain things to make sure it stays a First Class operation. This will be a long Email so if you want just glance at it and delete it but we want to make sure that those of you that didn’t make the meetings will understand what is going to happen.
First off this IS a big deal and like was said a first class big deal, so the old “just frame it in a garage sale bought frame” ain’t happening. Gallery wrapped canvases WILL be allowed but the painting MUST be consistent ALL around the canvas. You know what that means, if you don’t know ask one of the members of the Art Committee. Any painting you bring must be for sale, there will be no NFS pieces in the hanging and that also means please don’t put such a high price on your work that it wouldn’t and probably couldn’t sell. If you try to negotiate a price for your artwork hanging on the wall with a client and purposely bypass the Gift Shop Auxilliary you will not be allowed to display any more of your paintings at SRMC and will be excused from the Art Guild forthwith. The paintings will be “Family Friendly” as judged by the Art Committee and Stephanie Smith and others at SRMC.
We will have more information to give you over the next couple of days and I’m sorry if this seems a tad harsh but we really want to make Jim, Trina, Stephanie and all the others to be proud that they took on this project and made a wise decision in doing so. If it is done right and done right the first time it will benefit many people, the Auxilliary, OHC, and the many artists themselves. Thanks for making Art exciting again and let’s really make this a “home run” “a hole ine one” a “nothing but net” a…..well you get the idea. Roland

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Donald Kolberg graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from California State University, Los Angeles. He taught at the Los Angeles School of Art and co-founded Art Core, an organization dedicated to the open dialogue and display of the work of emerging artists. He continued his Master studies at Otis Art Institute. While at Otis Art Institute his teacher and main influence was internationally recognized painter Arnold Mesches. In Artcore he worked under the guidance of Lydia Takashita. With their teaching Donald learned the value of depth, texture and form in images and surface. He incorporated this into his concept of Life Forms, the portrayal of the human figure as a landscape of life and a celebration of form through Sculpture and Painting.

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