New Art, Feeling Safe

This Wednesday  August 29th I have to go in to the hospital for surgery of an aneurysm. And while I am confident of the outcome it has left me feeling a bit strange in relation to my art. Over the past few weeks while I’ve been recuperating from the first part of the procedure which was to tie off an artery that was in the way I painted this piece.

It’s called Grandmas Couch (11 x 14) and it is an acrylic painting done over and under fiberglass mesh that is adhered to a board. It is part of a series I am doing which explores this medium. It also creates an emotional bond to a safe place in my past. Hopefully it creates a bond with the viewer.









Along the same emotional lines I created 2 Strappo pieces

 This is called Red Table. It is part of the mono print series originating from a reverse painting on glass. Emotionally I remember it from a table at my mother’s house. Another safe place.










 This one is called Yellow Wall and is also a Strappo mono print. Reminds me of my mother’s kitchen.

Both of these Strappos are less than 6 x 9 inches mounted on paper

If you are interested in seeing other Strappo pieces please go to my website 


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Donald Kolberg graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from California State University, Los Angeles. He taught at the Los Angeles School of Art and co-founded Art Core, an organization dedicated to the open dialogue and display of the work of emerging artists. He continued his Master studies at Otis Art Institute. While at Otis Art Institute his teacher and main influence was internationally recognized painter Arnold Mesches. In Artcore he worked under the guidance of Lydia Takashita. With their teaching Donald learned the value of depth, texture and form in images and surface. He incorporated this into his concept of Life Forms, the portrayal of the human figure as a landscape of life and a celebration of form through Sculpture and Painting.

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