Something new for me…4 x 6 inch Mail Art.

 Mail art is a worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 1960s and involves sending visual art (but also music, sound art, poetry) through the international postal system. It has been said that many artists felt the commercial system of galleries needed a shot in the arm due to what was perceived as  corruption. And while this actually did little to influence the galleries of the time, it did provide for the development of an alternative culture that thrives today.

I have created these and I am sending them out. There is no obligation to do anything other than enjoy the piece. If you are an artist and want to send a piece back that would be great. If you want to be included when I send them, send your address to me at If you need my mailing address, email me and I’ll send it along to you.


2nd Look



She’s Relaxing



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Donald Kolberg graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from California State University, Los Angeles. He taught at the Los Angeles School of Art and co-founded Art Core, an organization dedicated to the open dialogue and display of the work of emerging artists. He continued his Master studies at Otis Art Institute. While at Otis Art Institute his teacher and main influence was internationally recognized painter Arnold Mesches. In Artcore he worked under the guidance of Lydia Takashita. With their teaching Donald learned the value of depth, texture and form in images and surface. He incorporated this into his concept of Life Forms, the portrayal of the human figure as a landscape of life and a celebration of form through Sculpture and Painting.

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