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Creating art, looking at art, watching shows about art and artists fills a good portion of my day. Hopefully you have something that fills your day with joy. Here are some great links for artists and art lovers. I hope you enjoy them.

nycartmap02-768x665Hyperallergic, an incredible art blog, says…”New York City has over 1,000 monuments across the five boroughs, and the new NYC Public Art Map and Guide plots them on an interactive map. The digital interface, recently launched by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, is searchable by zip code and address, and includes both permanent and temporary installations.” So here’s a link to the site:




BasquiatWhile we’re still in the the television dull drums I thought I’d provide a link to and their listing of some great art movies (even though they didn’t mention Mr. Turner) Here’s the link





The Telegraph ( ran a story on an unbelievable flea market find and what the couple did!! Here’s the link


long-lost 500-year-old engraving by the German Renaissance master Albrecht Durer has been found on sale for a few euros in a French flea market.





And this interesting art tool is just to much fun not to mention. www.drawlucy  Its a new Camera Lucida. ( I have no financial interest)DRaw Lucy

So there you have it. If there’s something you want to know about you can reach me at Until then:

Imagination is never still. The marks we make are verbs

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Hey it’s April. Why are you still just thinking about the stuff you want to get done? The first 25% of the year is done. And it flew by. So take a breath, look around and do something new! Here are some links to charge your batteries. They’ll go well with coffee or tea

First up is a list from Art Web about abstract artist. These 6 artist are considered people who are bringing new life into abstract art. Tell me what you think.

Looking for some greedy, sex-obsessed, power-mad despots. The Public Domain has the answer so look no further, Lucian of Samosata took the popular images of the Greek gods and re-drew them. Thank you is offering up a list of 50, yeah 50 exhibitions you should see this spring. Even if you only see a hand full it would be great!

Well that’s about it for now so remember

Imagination is Never Still. The Marks We Make Are Verbs

Art, Coffee, tea and Blogs

Here’s another wonderful poster from the past. Of course it has to do with coffee. But you’ll find the links below are a bit more modern in their bent. So here we go, Enjoy!

Hauser Wirth & Schimmel in Los Angeles’ downtown art district is presenting an incredible view through the eyes of curator Jenni Sorkin. A wonderful look at 34 women sculptors that truly shaped abstract sculpture.

And if you are curious what’s selling in the art world, here’s a round up of what sold at the recent Armory show.

On the heals of what sold and while you’re scratching your head and wondering how these works could possible get this kind of money, nevermind the fact that this is what is considered art… I digress, here’s a take on art from the man who invented the term Generation X, Douglas Copeland.

Well that’s about it for now so remember

Imagination is Never Still. The Marks We Make Are Verbs

Harn Museum Review

If you have a chance to stop by the Harn Museum of Art on the campus of the University of Florida, Gainesville DO SO!
We were there this past week and while it was in between major shows, the displayed work from their permanent collection did not disappoint. Being a sculptor and painter I was excited that the first piece I saw was a  Frank Stella work, Zandvoort, 1981. This mixed media wall hanging on etched magnesium was alive with color and shape.
DSCN5832One thing I’ve wanted to see as a sculptor was work by David Smith, I wasn’t disappointed. The museum had 2 on display,  Hi Candida and Zig I
Hi Candida                Zig I

Paintings were not in short supply either. There was Florida Lake by Milton Avery, Jim Tadell’s Place by George Bellows, Pulling Turpentine by Ellis Wilson and the flute player and the Watermelon Eater by Picasso
Avery   BelllowsWilson  Picasso

The Harn Museum has works in eleven galleries all on one floor. Their collection consists of more than 9,000 works and they rotate the pieces regularly. This is just a short review to introduce you to a wonderful museum, Oh and did I mention its FREE

Giorgio Morandi

Recently I was introduced to the work of Giorgio Morandi. And now I find I can’t get enough of seeing his art. The colors and composition gave me a sense that this was a master artist that I could spend a lifetime studying. His influence will stay with me and I hope that this brief introduction to the man and his art will provide you with the enjoyment I have felt in discovering him.

Giorgio Morandi lived from July 20, 1890 to June 18, 1964. His paintings depicted everyday objects that he collected and used over and over again in surprisingly complex compositions. Morandi’s sensitivity to tone and color, his repetitive motifs and his economical use of value and surface lend him to being perceived as a forerunner of Minimalism. Continue reading Giorgio Morandi

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