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For the past eight years I have had the pleasure of having my sculpture represented by The Parker Gallery in St Simmons, Ga. Now I will have an additional representation for my painting, mix media and sculpture with the Markay Gallery in Marietta Ga. I will bring you up to speed on the art that will be their in the next few weeks.

Taking a new approach to traditional gallery norms, Markay Gallery brings art of all forms. While spectacular paintings, sculptures, and photography are in the masterful mix, there is something different about us. We also feature an extreme variety of artists who create vessels, artful lighting, artisan furnishings and accessories. In other words, Functional Art.

Upon opening the doors you’ll see vignettes of home, where everything is artist-made. From the gallery desk down to the pen you use to sign the guestbook, everything here is a work of art.

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

Creating art, looking at art, watching shows about art and artists fills a good portion of my day. Hopefully you have something that fills your day with joy. Here are some great links for artists and art lovers. I hope you enjoy them.

nycartmap02-768x665Hyperallergic, an incredible art blog, says…”New York City has over 1,000 monuments across the five boroughs, and the new NYC Public Art Map and Guide plots them on an interactive map. The digital interface, recently launched by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, is searchable by zip code and address, and includes both permanent and temporary installations.” So here’s a link to the site:




BasquiatWhile we’re still in the the television dull drums I thought I’d provide a link to and their listing of some great art movies (even though they didn’t mention Mr. Turner) Here’s the link





The Telegraph ( ran a story on an unbelievable flea market find and what the couple did!! Here’s the link


long-lost 500-year-old engraving by the German Renaissance master Albrecht Durer has been found on sale for a few euros in a French flea market.





And this interesting art tool is just to much fun not to mention. www.drawlucy  Its a new Camera Lucida. ( I have no financial interest)DRaw Lucy

So there you have it. If there’s something you want to know about you can reach me at Until then:

Imagination is never still. The marks we make are verbs

“Pattern Women” my new book

In the wake of being selected by to have one of my artworks from the “Pattern Woman” series in their June 2016 calendar, I’ve created a new book featuring a more extensive view of additional works. The calendar is on view at and the individual work occupies the June 9th slot. The book is available at 

Art, Coffee, Tea and Blogs

After coming across this first link from the Google Cultural Institute, I thought I’d take a look at some interesting art this time.

The ultra definition in these works is incredible. Working with museums around the world, Google has used its Art Camera system to capture the finest details of artworks from their collection.

Next up is a unique way to work with color. And if you have the money, yeah I know I’m talking to artists, go here. If not enjoy the link

James Turrell Allowing Limited Visitors to Roden Crater for $6,500 a Person

This past month I was sidelined from working for awhile so I had the time to explore and download a new library of art catalogs. Create your own library from this extensive list.

Download 576 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This article is a bit older but the voices in it are more than worth listening to. so enjoy what women artists have to say across a number of generations.

Women in the Art World

okay so I hope you have a pleasant rest of the month and of course remember

Imagination Is Never Still. The Marks We Make Are Verbs

A Secret Society on the Web

There is a sorta secret society on the web that actually is accessed outside the web. It’s a place where originality and creativity work hand in hand with community and  networking. The shows are constantly in Flux (an inside joke). And the artist tend to laugh a lot. And while many of the exhibitions are created around themes just as many are un-juried. These are artists that promote interaction outside of the normal approval systems of galleries.

Okay I’m talking about mail art. And as Ray Johnson who is considered the first mail artist called it, Correspondance Art. As the name implies it is based on sending small scale original work through the mail usually to a network of other mail artists. Or like I do at times, just send pieces to people I meet in my daily life.

The artwork can consist of collage elements, rubber or artist created stamps, found objects, recycled objects, paint and just about anything that can fit in an envelope or be attached to a postcard. To the artists once its sent it is then mail art. As a precursor to cyber communities these virtual communities also span the world.

From its start in the late 50’s to the establishment of Ray’s New York Correspondance School, to the schools death on April 5, 1973 as written in Ray’s unpublished letter to the Obituary Department of the New York Times and still now throughout the world, mail art is thriving. Anyone with a mailbox and the cost of postage can participate in circumventing the commercial art market.

As Published in Wikipedia; The mail art philosophy of openness and inclusion is exemplified by the “rules” included in invitations (calls) to postal projects: a mail art show has no jury, no entry fee, there is no censorship and all works are exhibited. The original contributions are not to be returned and remain the property of the organizers, but a catalog or documentation is sent free to all the participants in exchange for their works. Although these rules are sometimes stretched, they have generally held up for four decades.

One of the most popular sites for mail artists is the International Union of Mail-Artist, IUOMA. Its variety of groups covers just about any interest. But if there’s one missing feel free to start your own group. Either way you are guarenteed to meet some of the most fascinating people on the web through Mail-Art.

 Remember; Imagination is never still. The marks we make are verbs!

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