“Pattern Women” my new book

In the wake of being selected by Barebrush.com to have one of my artworks from the “Pattern Woman” series in their June 2016 calendar, I’ve created a new book featuring a more extensive view of additional works. The calendar is on view at Barebrush.com and the individual work occupies the June 9th slot. The book is available at Peecho.com. 

Book Art – Saving the Pages

Some people are appalled when I tell them I create art from books. I would be too if I wasn’t sure that without this transformation they would have stayed in the garbage. The inside pages were marred with goo and water. The covers were for the most part faded and crumbling. So before you jump up and down and say but its a book, send me your address and I’ll send you the messed up ones I haven’t saved yet.
In the meantime here are a couple of works I’ve completed with the saved books. They are reasonably priced so feel free to let me know which one you want…or get all three!
Priced right now at $200.00 each

You can reach me at don@donaldkolberg.com

‘The Nude’ 8 3/4 x 7 inches

‘The Nude’ 8 3/4 x 7 inches

‘Golden Landscape’ 8 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches

Goldlandscape 2
‘Golden Landscape’ 8 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches

‘Golden Landscape small’ 4 5/8 by 7 inches

‘Golden Landscape small’ 4 5/8 by 7 inches

Space vs Place, Mazziotti’s New Art

At first brush, no pun intended, the work of Bill Mazziotti plays with what most artists use as a simple way of ordering a surface, the grid. But the truth is he is examining a new artistic approach to the concerns of space versus place. The surface presents an almost creased like pattern of folded paper with each edge scrapped to the unpainted surface of the support. The paint at first flat, actually deepens as you start to see the multiple layers that make up the surface. He then reaches through the surface, scrapping it back showing us the structured drawn, penciled grid underneath. Then he populates it with dancing dots of color.

pic 1a

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